16f628a internal oscillator mikro c

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but when I try to make a blink program using mikroC (note: I use 8mhz internal clock settings in The 16F628 port A is defaulted to analogue.
 Hi.. I am using a PIC16F628A in a project, until now i had the running with internal oscillator at 4mHz, so far so good. But now i tried to run the
 In the "Edit Project" window there is an option for setting oscillator frequency. MiKroC has inline functions Clock_MHz() and Clock_kHz() , which return the device How to change the frequency of PIC internal oscillator?
 I actually want to use the internal oscillator, but the timing seems incorrect. . Thanks @SimonBarker, I'm using MikroC, I will see how to use it.
 If just follow the mikroC C example and set it would probably be our project is copying people so we decide to to go for internal oscillation.
 The Internal Oscillator Mode uses two independent oscillators and a dedicated High Frequency Phase Locked Loop (HFPLL) to create three internal oscillator
 I have always used an external clock and done some complex stuff, but this is for a solution on how to enable the internal oscillator on a PIC16F62XA. Thanks Scott C. @ DEVICE PIC16F628A, INTOSC_OSC_CLKOUT
 11 Mar 2009 The project setting of MikroC for using internal oscillator of the PIC16F627A shows below: Setting MikroC for Internal Oscillator. Posted by
 i want to use pic's internal oscillator,but dont know how to set it in mikroc pro please help me.
 I'm testing mikroC PRO and I'm not able to run an easy LED-Blining Project. I'm using This code did not run with external OSC or internal OSC. Why? Thanks for help. It is a 16F628 and not a 16F628A? As the 16F628 is